Damon Connolly on Fiscal Responsibility

We need to take a more responsible and transparent approach in handling Marin County’s finances.  I believe there are three components to addressing the County's ongoing fiscal issues. The first is to cut wasteful spending and to fund programs that address community needs. The second is to implement policies that grow our local economy and create good paying jobs. A growing economy means increased revenue to fund critical services.  The third is to support targeted revenue increases that help meet needs for vital public services including libraries, paramedics and parks.

My belief is that Marin County spends too much on consultants and contract services.  I do not believe county services should be “contracted out” unless there is a compelling reason.  Where we can, we should utilize existing expertise within the County to do the vast majority of the work. This will result in greater efficiency and transparency.

While I believe that the County should continue to fund worthy projects and community organizations, I oppose the Community Services Fund (or “slush fund”). Such grants should be taken up as part of the ordinary budget process.  

Please read my position on pensions to learn more about how we can make the system more sustainable.

If you have more specific questions, please email Damon at damon@damonconnolly.com.

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