Damon Connolly on Improving Our Transportation System

As your Supervisor, I will work to make sure Marin residents have access to transportation that is convenient and dependable, with the goal of reducing vehicle congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

As someone who frequently uses public transportation, I will bring my experience to the table.  I will be a strong advocate for necessary funding at the regional, state and federal levels, and I will work with all stakeholders to ensure that our local Measure A funds are being spent efficiently.  I am proud to have the support of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1575 based on my support of public transit as a City Councilmember and current Vice-Mayor of San Rafael.

Shuttle service implemented by Marin Transit has recently been improved and is promising as one part of the solution.  We will need to continue to review performance of particular routes to gauge cost-effectiveness.     

I will make it a priority to ensure that the SMART train is implemented successfully and with strong fiscal oversight.  We need to make sure there is adequate connectivity with local bus and ferry service so that the system is convenient and efficient.  

I also believe that providing a world-class network of bicycle and pedestrian options for local residents will be a crucial part of our local transit system.  This is an issue I have been focused on in San Rafael and will continue to do so at the County level.  

If you have more specific questions, please email Damon at damon@damonconnolly.com.



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