Elected to the Assembly in 2022, Assemblymember Connolly hit-the-ground running in Sacramento passing legislation and securing state investments for important projects throughout the North Bay. During his first year in the Legislature, Assemblymember Connolly successfully passed five bills that were signed into law by the Governor and secured over $5 million in state funding for projects in Assembly District 12. Information on these accomplishments can be found below:

Bills Signed Into Law (2023):

AB 92: Mass shootings are a growing epidemic in the United States, and shooters are increasingly using body armor to prolong their rampages. AB 92 prescribes that any person prohibited under California law from owning a firearm is also prohibited from purchasing or possessing body armor.

AB 319: Mobile homeowners are subject to inspections in home parks despite potential conflicts of interest. AB 319 addresses inadequacies within the conflict-of-interest code that regulates mobile home inspectors by codifying the State Auditor's recommendations for greater transparency and strengthened ethics.

AB 935: While the sale of most flavored tobacco products was prohibited in SB 793, these dangerous products continue to be available to teenagers in retail locations across the state. AB 935 strengthens enforcement of the flavored tobacco ban.

AB 1109: Sodium nitrite is a chemical compound used in teen suicide, a leading cause of death for America's youth. AB 1109 prohibits online retailers from selling sodium nitrite to minors and places quantity restrictions on adult purchases.

AB 1132: Permit fees for residential and commercial solar energy systems are limited, but these provisions will be repealed on the first of January 2025. AB 1132, joint authored with Assemblymember Laura Friedman, extends the repeal of these provisions to the first of January 2034.

$5 Million Secured for the North Bay

$2,000,000 in partnership with the Sonoma County Community Development Commission (SCCDC), to build the Tierra de Rosas project, an affordable housing development in Santa Rosas. 

$1,000,000 for major upgrades to the Golden Gate Village Playground in Marin City.

$1,000,000 for the Marin Community College District’s Science Field Station, located in Bolinas.

$530,000 to purchase critically needed emergency medical equipment at the four volunteer fire stations operating in West Marin.