Damon Connolly, a Democrat, was sworn in as the District 1 Supervisor on January 6th, 2015 representing San Rafael and its unincorporated neighborhoods. He is seeking election in the State Assembly in 2022.

On the Marin Board of Supervisors, Damon has been a fearless and effective advocate for our values and our community. He has protected open spaces while increasing the availability of affordable housing. He has set our county on a path toward 100% renewable energy while keeping our fiscal house in order. He has spearheaded our response to homelessness while expanding access to public transit and infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Damon is the kind of leader who walks the walk. He has an open door policy in his office and frequently hosts town halls and community meetings. To make sure he understands how Marin public transit is performing for frequent riders, he lives one month a year car-free to put our transit to the test. He has developed a reputation as a leader who delivers on his promises. When Marin residents want to get something done, they know Damon’s the leader who gets results.

Prior to serving on the Board of Supervisors, Damon served the residents of District 1 in various capacities: as the Vice Mayor of San Rafael, a two-term San Rafael City Councilmember, former School Board President, and former Supervising Deputy California Attorney General. Damon was a founding board member of Marin Clean Energy (MCE), and served as Chair of the Board of Directors from June 2011 to November 2014.

Through his seven years as a City Council member, Damon worked hard to sustain the city’s vibrant local economy, protect vital public services, and balance the budget. He made City Hall more responsive to the needs of San Rafael’s neighborhoods. He helped expand transportation options for local residents and worked to reduce San Rafael’s contribution to climate change.

Damon served as a leader on the Green Ribbon Committee that developed San Rafael’s Climate Change Action Plan, the first to be adopted by a Marin city. He also helped San Rafael adopt a model green-ordinance with some of the toughest green-building standards in America.

Damon first held elected office as a Miller Creek Elementary School District (formerly Dixie School District) Boardmember and Board President.

Before opening his own law practice in San Rafael, Damon was a Supervising Deputy California Attorney General, prosecuting the energy companies that gouged our state during the energy crisis of 2000-2001.

He is President of the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay, and he serves on the Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Marin County Housing Authority, and Marin County Open Space District. He is Marin's representative on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

A Bay Area native, Damon attended college and law school at UC Berkeley. He has lived in San Rafael for the past twenty-five years with his wife, Dawn, and their two daughters.

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