Posted on August 09, 2022

Now, as the Bay Area Council says, “As these 18,000 drivers approach the Richmond San Rafael Bridge, they hit a very significant and growing traffic jam. During the peak hour, on average, they face 16 minutes of gridlocked, stop-and-go traffic.”

“This stop-and-go congestion produces 2-3 times the particulate and emissions pollution as a free-flowing freeway,” the council says. “In the Bay Area, particulate matter and other emissions have been concentrated in poorer communities. The congestion and pollution from the backup are predicted to significantly worsen in the next three years.”

That traffic would be significantly relieved if a practical compromise recommendation by Marin County Supervisor Damon Connolly, an MTC commissioner, is accepted. His proposal calls for using the movable barrier to close the bikeway during weekday morning peak periods and open it to autos, buses and trucks. At all other weekday times and on weekends the lane would revert exclusively to cyclists and pedestrians.

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